Teague Clements Calgary, Alberta

sometimes noisepop
sometimes regular ol pop
sometimes emo
sometimes sample collage avant type stuff
sometimes earnest piano type stuff

spin the wheel and seeeeeeee

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Track Name: Carving 'Slayer' Into Stuff
the band's all back together
making noise rock in some rich kid's basement
we all wish we knew him better
and our clothes are way too baggy
honestly, it's cause we hate outselves,
but we all say it's cause skinny's
and the only thing consistent
was that we hated emo,
hated punk, loved carving 'slayer' into stuff!

the band's all back together
from isreal and cuba
her catholic phase is over
so no more being cautious
i'm writing a screenplay
and feeling way more gay than i would for years
and we're still arguing whether
powerslave or number of the beast was better!

the band's all back together
sellin' high interest credit cards
snorting molly off a dresser
a frankly dangerous amount of white wine
trying hard to resist
misogynistic urge to save her
she's on a pizza pop diet
and now we're all fratboys
and now we're all players
Track Name: Flyover Country
are you hopeful thinking?
are you narcissistic?
are you fulla nicotine?
we're flyover country
better face it darling
are you irritable and mean?
cause that's what i like

and when you get back
from your trip to idaho
with big red chew and fireworks in hand we'll go back to the house
and if you're feelin up to it
let's walk through our childhood neighbourhoods
talk catholic guilt, oh shit
i guess the bridge collapsed

get up off your ass dear,
the world outside is waiting
well, it's not, but that'd be nice
i would like to think that
we can pick the best lies
take the catchiest advice

and when i get back
from my trip out to the coast
to spend my parents' money and to watch a flower grow
out where things can really live,
unlike out here, we should leave
i'm sure that settlers had their things unpacked by summer's end

though that's all bullshit
complaining is so much fun
and i've always liked a challenge
here's the perfect place
here we can be a scene
together but romantically apart
screaming 'fuck the suburbs'
as we benefit from same
Track Name: Cold Case File: Snobs v Slobs
all that i'm saying
i trust you as far as i could throw ya
i'll have a guardian
her father will sign her over
why do we bother?
becoming our fathers oh well
work myself til my
work myself til my arms give out

and i will try not to be what i'm supposed to be
a lazy slob leeching off the community
i blame social things because i'm just a kid
can't take the blame

a house and a car
three beautiful little boys
the dish of your daydreams
"suddenly seymour", et al.
girl, we're just nineteen
no need for fake bourgeois
still really like you
but like oh my god

because of where you've been placed arbitrarily
we're both still slobs leeching off the community
and you already know that that's all fine by me
it should be fine by you

wanna be a trophy husband
wanna be a trophy husband
as if our daddies wasn't
as if our daddies wasn't
Track Name: Club Hookup (Self-Harm)
they were into candlelit dinner
i was more into breakfast
deep in a phase and
drunken, dazed,
seeing the night as a test

boy, don't you know?
your progress is gonna be slow
they can all see
your sign that says 'validate me'
it's glowing and neon and green

got more aggressive
at the suggestion of others more desperate than me
more drinks in, got leeway,
invites to threeways,
skipped em cause i thought i'd get beat

but then there he was
svelte, pretty and equally buzzed
hopped in his car
felt so free, filling my lungs with tar
we both had matching cheekbone scars

got to his place and naked
no more fake shit
just rewards
after ninety minutes
getting bored

sitting at breakfast, booze starts to wear off
now how do i get the fuck out
drops me at the bus stop
i say 'have a good one'
jaw drops as i look around

there i was,
twenty minutes away from the same damn bus
where i used to sit
with the one who i loved and then grew to resent
the coat on my throat tasted just like regret

oh god
i'm lashing out, aren't i?
i know i seem smart
but i'm extremely dumb
i've been lying to myself
with all the things that
i become
i should be nicer to people
like that guy who
i can't recall his name
but he checked
my id before sex
and that seems plen-
ty decent to me

he was from fiji
i was a phi-gam
his ex-roommate was french
taught him how to make croquettes
he was from fiji
i was a fratboy
the chinese restaurant placemat said he was born under the sign of the cock and we both laughed
Track Name: Eulogy for Buses
lately i been feelin like
it's thirty-three degrees
and i'm on the bus
all the time!
sober, bored of waiting for
the next big thing
to sweep me up
a new line!

you did your job!
you did your job!

please patron saint of bad ideas
give me one
give me a real humdinger
because i know idle hands are the
devil's playthings
and he could use my nimble fingers

you did your job!
you did your job!

oh, can you feel it coming on?
traded sentiments and yawns
and the thought oh god
should people be allowed to live like this at all
animal needs make things seem real
i wanna make shit that makes you feel
like len's steal my sunshine, like you're in the ninth grade and everything's fine

you did your job!
you did your job!
Track Name: Darling
gamma rays
burn my skin
peel it off
all because of you
stop being so interesting
cut out your kindly suggesting

waste away
in bed
with books and iced coffee
as the cheap fan spins i would move
but this is my only day off, so...

and as the summer sun reflects upon our backs
i will say
feel sexy today
feel as though your goals and the world's are the same

can be fun
but i feel none
when i am with you
you always know just what's coming
you always know when to call me on shit

and darling
already when you're gone
all i do is fuck around and pretend to find god
but darling
when you're here
it feels like everybody else is right
like there's nothing left to fear
sweet young stunner
taking all comers
nothing left in my way
city is a sauna
high on marijuana
know i'm gonna be okay

and i have scars, they're here to say
that this body is here to stay
it's not selfish to feel this way
you fucking clods ruin my day

and if you dare to contemplate
i'll smack you hard right in your face
these things are real, your mind is fake
that's how your decisions get made

in winter, someone asked me
'is it asperger's or adhd?'
i muttered to myself 'anxiety'
in retrospect, fuck that lady

to church
on a
the doors
were locked
i walked
gave it
a shot
and i
felt strange
there is a you that you can't change